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    All Major Distros
    Most Powerful Features
    Ready to use VHD, VDI and more

    Environment of your taste

    All virtual machines we create for you are untouched. You can setup an environment of your taste. You have full root access to the machines. You can use in development or even production

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    Virtual Machines
    Ready to Deploy :)
    VHD - Deploy everywhere
    VDI - VirtualBox Images
    VMDK -VMware Images

    You can simply download the zip files and enjoy the fruits of our hard work - FREE :)

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    Choose Distro

    It's so easy as 1 2 3. You just have to choose the distro you want from the list below and the format you want it :) and that's it. You''ll have your VM up and Running in no time :)

    Choose Distro
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Choose OS

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Download VHD

Download VHD from our website

OS list

01 antergos02 archlinux03 bodhilinux
04 centos05 chromixium06 debian
07 ubuntu08 elementaryos09 fedora
10 freebsd11 freepbx12 gentoo
13 ipfire14 kalilinux15 korora
16 kubuntu17 linuxmint18 manjaro
19 opensuse20 reactos21 slackware
22 zorinos

Why osGround

  • Free.. Forever :)

    We provide OS images ready to use for free. No Catch :)
  • We cover almost all major distros

    We are always up to date and support all major distros
  • We use VHDs and we don't touch anything

    Our virtual machine images are ready to use in almost any environment. You get the pure installed version of the os nothing more or less.

Login Credentials

For all virtual machines you can use:

username: osground
password: osground

Root User password is:



What are my credentials for the virtual-machine images?

All images for VirtualBox and VMware have the same username and password. After logging into virtual machine that you’ve downloaded from osGround you can change username and password
Username: ...

Where do I download VirtualBox or VMware Player or XEN?

You can download VirtualBox from its official website, it is freely available even for enterprise level. You can Download VirtualBox from here.
VMware player can be downloaded from its official ...

Which tool you are using to decompress image downloaded from osGround?

There are many archiver tools available out there. We are using ALZip but you are free to use archiver of your choice.


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